For the Love of Wax







Dawn Brimicombe 

I am a visual Artist working in Encaustic Painting & Mixed Media born in Brixton, London now working from my Studio in East Devon/Dorset border not far from Lyme Regis.

Over the years I have worked with many different mediums, I now choose to paint using bees wax and damar resin known as encaustic wax medium.  I make my own medium in the studio using filtered bees wax which has been treated to remove the natural yellow of the bees wax, it produces a clear glossy finish almost like glass when used with or without damar resin.

Encaustic painting has a wonderful translucent quality, it is always exciting and often experimental.

Using natural brushes I apply the medium onto birch wood, sometimes I use driftwood or found items such as stone, ceramic, I fuse multiple layers of wax onto the surface using various heat tools, my preferred method is a heat gun, after heating and fusing I then scrape, incise & embed into the wax using ebony, organic materials, pigments  & found objects. For my Photo-Encaustic I use my own original artwork or my own digital images which are then transferred or poured directly onto the surface creating a  luminous & transparent quality. 

Encaustic wax painting has grown in popularity dating back from the 5th Century B.C. - it is now becoming a popular choice to use wax as an alternative to acrylics & is also a wonderful medium to use with photographic images making it an exciting new medium for photographers to experiment and explore.

 I am passionate about what I do and hope to inspire others, in between working with wax.  I also run workshops in Mixed Media & Papier Mache in which wax is incorporated.

I have exhibited in group exhibitions at the Arndean Gallery, Cork Street & the OXO Gallery, London as well as many other Galleries across the UK.  

Visits to my Studio by appointment only please - email to arrange a convenient time, thank you,  


Inspired by the Jurassic Coastline the 

Natural World & Organic formations.

where ever my mood takes me......




 Workshops held in the Studio throughout the year 

New  Workshops for 2015   Will now commence later in the year 

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